Once upon a time...
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tales from the forest os fairies draft
tales from the forest os fairies draft

Tales  from the forest of fairies

Once upon a time, in the land of imagination, a forest where all fantastic beings that had been created in the stories lived. There lived elves and fairies; Nymphs and gnomes; Sirens and giants; Good witches and elves; Dwarves and beautiful unicorns. In short, all those magical beings who, during centuries, had been born from legends and creativity of men.

. Tales from the Forest of Fairies is a compilation of stories not very similar to those stories of fairies we know by heart.

In that story, the author takes us to the land of imagination, where there was a forest inhabited by all the fantastic beings that appear in the stories and who for centuries had starred in some legends and fables. There were fairies and elves, nymphs, gnomes, sirens, giants, elven witches, and so on. They also came from many parts of the world such as the Alfar, the Scandinavian elves, the sirens from the Mediterranean islands, the young Nagus from India (young girls with a serpent tail) and the Goblins, coming from northern Spain.

Despite of the fact that all these beings had one thing in common, there was no evil intention in them. In the forest there was an atmosphere of peace and joy. When one of them made a mistake or got wrong about something, he went to Isbar's home, a wise man who lived in the glade of the forest surrounded by speaking trees, who were extremely curious and talked about all kind of things.

Isobar was a human being who, thanks to his magic, did not age. The magician wrote down all these stories that happened in the forest in a large book.

Tales from the Forest of Fairies is a story in which four other stories take place. So, after this introduction we will find four different stories. The fairy who could not fly went to Isbar trying to find a solution to her problem. Soops and Poos is the story of two twin dwarves and what happened between them to make them angry.The song of Edrielle, the story in which Isbar will have to give back the voice to the ondinas (nymphs singing by the rivers). And finally, the story of Pampin, the lazy giant and Fadi, the willing giant, a tale in which one of them will give a valuable lesson to the other.

All these stories are full of magic and fantasy. They show us the nature inhabited by magical beings who have special gifts. In addition, each one of these stories, as it happens in classic stories, show us a lesson or moral. Good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour is punished. Thus we will see how lies cause more harm to oneself than to others. Also we can learn about how bad thoughts about someone can lead us to misunderstandings and unnecessary discussions that could be avoided by talking things over. Another topic is that envy and evil intentions should be punished. It also tells us that when we see bad behaviour in someone we must try to correct it.

It is a book with a lot of text and when it comes to be read to the little ones it is a good option to tell only one story at a time. Of course, it depends on the ability of attention of each child. All these stories are very well narrated and very suggestive.

The wonderful illustrations are work of Valentina Correti. Regarding to aesthetics the illustrations bring us back an ancient period in which a very inventive and evocative world was created. They are very colourful and include many details in them although they are not strident. In addition, illustrations give us the sensation that they have created different textures if we pay attention to the grass or to the wings of the butterflies.

In conclusion, Tales from the Forest of Fairies brings us those stories of fairies from all times that we have known  being children and that we have narrated being already adults. It is also embellished with magnificent illustrations.



Tales to be ttelling to the chlidren

This is an adapted  compilation of folk tales from several countries. Each one have its own menage and. moral.

The hare that tricked to the tiger. (Indian tale)

How the dragons was wiped out (Norwey)

The farmer and the ravens (Russia)

A very astute fox (England)

Martin the brave (Spain)

The insulted birds.

Little rabbit.

The princess frog. (Arabic tale)

Me, the first (Spain)